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About Us

What is MeeGenius?

MeeGenius is your virtual store for enhanced children's books. Available as a website, an application created for the Apple iPhone, iPad or iTouch, as well as Google TV and the Google Chrome Web Store, MeeGenius offers a selection of classic children's stories - both old and new - and enhances them with technology, with features such as word highlighting, audio playback and personalization.

What do I need in order to get started using MeeGenius?

It's simple - from your iPhone, iPad or iTouch, visit the app store, download MeeGenius!, and get reading! Or find us on Google TV or the Google Chrome Web Store. You can also simply just visit our website at

What makes MeeGenius different from simply reading a book with my child?

Because it runs on mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and iTouch, reading with MeeGenius is truly an interactive experience, enhancing comprehension and enjoyment. Key features of MeeGenius that set it apart from a traditional reading experience include word highlighting and audio playback for easy read-along, and personalization, in order to engage young readers by substituting the book characters' names with their own.

For whom is MeeGenius appropriate?

MeeGenius is appropriate for families with children from birth to 8 years. It is the perfect app and website for families on the go! Any family who loves reading can access books anywhere, anytime with MeeGenius on their mobile devices - whether at the beach or in bed - no more carrying around heavy bags of books in the car or on the plane.

I am a publisher looking to sell my hardback books digitally via MeeGenius. How do I work with you to sell my books digitally?

MeeGenius works with a variety of different publishers to sell their books in a way that protects and promotes each brand. We offer a host of different options for publishers to transition into the digital world of selling and reading books. For more information, please email

Who created MeeGenius?

Parents, Wandy Yeap Hoh and David Park, are the entrepreneurs behind MeeGenius. As friends and parents Hoh and Park shared a dream to build a business by and for families that would educate and stimulate young imaginations. Entertaining and interactive, Hoh and Park created MeeGenius for a new generation of readers - children and parents who love reading, and who are also tech-savvy and appreciate the capabilities and enhanced features of digital devices such as iPhones.